Fruit fair in Berlin

Representatives from 41 horticultural businesses in Andalucia are currently in Berlin to display their wares at the Fruit Logística, the world’s leading trade fair for fruit and veg. After Cataluña, Andalucia is the largest exporter of fruit and veg in Spain, generating €5.514 million during the period January to November 2010, 10.4% up on the previous year.

Vuvuzela Chorale

For those who think that the vuvuzela is just a gimmick, here is a video with a bit of instruction on how to play the instrument followed by some Brahms and Ravel played by professionals at the Konzerthaus in Berlin.

Andalucia at the ITB

Today, Wednesday March 10th, sees the start of the International Tourist Fair (ITB) in Berlin, Germany, and Andalucia is once again heavily represented.

Not the way to get rid of weeds

A man in Berlin is now homeless after doing a spot of gardening. Troubled by weeds, the 54 year old man decided that the best way to get rid of them was to use a flame-thrower! FAIL. First he managed to set a hedge on fire and then his garden shed. Herr Dumbo tried to put out the fire using …