Police close illegal bingo hall

Police have closed down an illegal bingo operation in Torre del Mar being carried out in a bar in the town. The bar had been sanction last November for carrying out similar gambling activities and so this time police seized all the equipment being used, such as TV’s, DVD’s, bingo cards, pens, prize tokens and €350 in cash.

The next level

Sudbury Council in Suffolk, England, has taken political correctness to the next level, and upset the local population, by banning the traditional bingo calls ‘two fat ladies (88)’ and ‘legs eleven (11)’ in case it causes offence and they are sued by overweight players or women who find the terms sexist Bingo callers must now only use the actual numbers …

Full house

National Police officers in Conil de la Frontera have raided and closed down an illegal bingo hall in the biggest operation of its kind for a decade. The raid took place on Saturday and police seized some 220,000 bingo cards.