Migrant gives birth en route to Spain

A woman of sub-Saharan origin gave birth on Tuesday on the Maritime Rescue vessel Guardamar Caliope, just minutes after being rescued from a boat in which she was travelling with another 51 migrants.

Record birth in Spain

British national Maxine Marin, aged 40 years, has given birth to a baby girl weighing 6.20 kilos, the largest ever baby to be delivered in Spain by natural birth. All previous babies over 4.5 kilos have been delivered by Caesarean section.

A van-tastic start to life

A 34 year old woman who went into labour on Wednesday ended up giving birth in a van outside the hospital in Vélez-Málaga.

Mother in ‘frozen babies’ case gives birth to daughter

The woman charged with freezing two of her babies, Sara L.H., has given birth to a baby girl at the Virgen de Valme, Sevilla. She remains under guard in the gynaecology department and the baby has been moved to the infants department.

Mother gives birth on street

At around 08:30 on Saturday, 32 year old Cintia gave birth to a baby girl, Angela, in the doorway of her home in avenida de las Postas, Málaga.

Young mum in Jerez de la Frontera

A ten year old Rumanian immigrant girl who gave birth in Jerez Hospital on October 26th was allowed home over the weekend.

Cracking photos

In between riveting revelations about so-called celebrities managing to get dressed in a morning unaided (except for a camera crew, dietician, makeover artists and publicist of course), the DM does manage to keep coming up with some pretty good wildlife photos. Here are two recent ones: First Moments of Life and Diving with Sperm Whales. Anything that eats colossal squid for …

Speedy delivery

A Senegalese woman gave birth on the Málaga to Madrid AVE high speed train yesterday, the little sprog putting in an appearance as the train past through Ciudad Real.