Old bomb causes massive evacuation

Over 600 tons of unexploded World War I and II munitions are discovered every year and at the moment, half the population of the city of Koblenz has been evacuated as bomb disposal experts try to defuse a 1.8 ton block-buster. Work to defuse WWII bomb in Rhine near Koblenz begins. Amazing to think that one in eight wartime bombs failed …

Burgos bomb blast

The number of people injured in the bomb blast in Burgos early this morning has reached 54, although none of the injuries are serious. However, the authorities consider it a miracle that there were no fatalities in the incident.

46 injured in Burgos bomb blast

A bomb blast early this morning outside the Guardia Civil barracks in Burgos has left 46 people suffering minor injuries.

Bomb attack in Durango, Vizcaya

At just after midnight last night, a powerful explosion damaged the headquarters of the PSE-EE in Durango, Vizcaya. The attack is thought to be the work of ETA.

Car bomb kills National Police officer in Vizcaya

A bomb placed under a car in Vizcaya has exploded, killing the occupant of the vehicle. The explosion occurred at 09:05 this morning and is presumed to be the work of ETA. The deceased was an inspector in the National Police, 49 year old Eduardo Antonio Puelles García.

Explosion in Amorebieta, Vizcaya

An explosion this morning in the town of Amorebieta, Vizcaya, is thought to have been the work of the Basque separatist organisation ETA. No-one was hurt in the blast and there was little material damage.

Bomb blast in Lazkao

An ETA bomb exploded at three o’clock this morning outside the headquarters of the Basque Socialist Party (Partido Socialista de Euskadi) in Lazkao, Guipúzacoa. The DYA received a telephone warning call just after 01:00 to say that a device had been placed at the socialist headquarters. No-one was injured in the blast but the material damage is quite extensive.

Hernani bomb was probably ‘bait’

It is now thought that the explosion at a relay station in Hernani was part of a plan to lure police officers into the area, at which time a second device would detonate.

ETA bomb attack in Bilbao

ETA continues its campaign of violence, detonating a bomb this morning in Bilbao. The device, containing about 100 kilos of explosives, was in a van which was left outside the headquarters of the Basque Public Broadcasting Company (EITB). The same area also houses the offices of Antena 3, Onda Cero, El Mundo and Expansion. Nearby are the Department of Finance …