Britney criticised for miming

Britney Spears has been left distraught over claims that she disappointed fans with her lip-syncing while on tour in Australia. The poor girl, people can be so cruel sometimes. How could anyone, even those paying up to $800 for a ticket, have the audacity to complain? After all, the girl is so obviously doing her guppy impression for their benefit.

Theatre checklist: kids? bouncers? Film crew? OK, let’s go

A busy and exciting day in showbiz world. Victoria Beckham, her every move seeming worthy of front page attention, swapped her tight dress (remember, yesterday she struggled to negotiate some stairs in a super-tight creation?) for something more comfy and was able to put one foot in front of the other without too much trouble.

The real thing

Even when ‘artists’ lipsync, they do sing along, it’s just not boosted out through the P.A. system. However, it may well get isolated and recorded by someone! So what does Britney really sound like?

Britney returns – and lip-syncs

Britney Spears has made return to the stage after a five year absence, starting a 44 date tour. During the stage show, the singer manages a dozen changes of costume as she wriggles and writhes around the stage. Gone is the former clean-cut image, the costumes getting skimpier as the show goes on. However, despite fairly good critical reviews, is …