Serial burglar arrested in Ronda

National Police in Ronda have arrested a 38-year-old local resident who is allegedly responsible for four counts of burglary since mid-June and many more before that.

One-man crime spree in Torrox Pueblo

Police in Torrox have arrested a man responsible for at least 38 robberies from homes in Torrox Pueblo. The thief would climb up to the first floor of houses and break in through a window. The detainee is a local resident and there was already a warrant out for his arrest.

Firemen rescue burglar

This story about a hapless burglar caught my attention, particularly for the offer by a neighbourly surgeon to remove the offender without damaging the window frame….Framed! Burglar rescued by firemen after getting stuck in a window for six hours… No doubt he is already consulting lawyers about what sort of lawsuit he can bring and how much compensation he can …

In jail at last

Amazing, although hardly surprising these days, story about an 18 year old youth who has finally been sentenced to jail after carrying out nearly 700 burglaries and robberies. Bradley Wenham, who started his criminal career at the age of 12 years, was a walking one-man crimewave, robbing everywhere from homes to churches and even stealing a number of high-end cars, …

Ronda burglar arrested, again

Police in Ronda have arrested a 39 year old man, initials J.A.C., in connection with fourteen robberies in the area in the past ten days.