Two injured on the beaches at the weekend

There were two accidents on the beaches in Nerja at the weekend, one man suffering major injuries to both legs and one arm after falling from a rock on Calahonda beach.

As it turned out…

Perhaps the forecast was for rough seas, causing the postponement until September of the rowing regatta, but the reality was almost flat-calm seas.

500 homes evacuated during fire in Calahonda

Just after nine o’clock last night, Calahonda became surrounded by flames and swift action was taken to evacuate people from around 500 homes in the immediate vicinity.

Illegal immigrants being rounded up in Motril

National Police, Local Police and Guardia Civil officers have so far managed to round up seventeen North African immigrants, including several children, who managed to slip ashore in Calahonda, Motril, Granada province.

A glorious October day…

Still exceptionally good weather with mostly cloudless skies and the sea temperature has risen to about 25 degrees according to some reports, which explains the number of people swimming at this time of year.

Life is a beach at the moment…

Plenty of people enjoying the beaches at the moment, as one would expect. La Caletilla and Calahonda both popular as usual, Torrecilla packed with parasols until quite late in the evening.