Calle Animas open again

Calle Animas is once again open to traffic after extensive works to replace the road surface and pavement areas.

Roadworks update August 4th 2015

Although the roadworks in Calle Los Huertos have not been completely finished, the street is to be opened to traffic.

Calle Animas cultural project moving slowly forward

At the next plenary session, the Council will approve the definitive plans for a project to use premises in calle Animas for cultural purposes, although the municipality does not yet own the 700 square metre plot.

Proposal for social-cultural facility in calle Animas

The Council is hoping to push through a motion for a change to the PGOU (General Plan) relating to numbers 15 and 15A in calle Animas, two privately owned properties, which they would like to convert into a social-cultural facility.

Calle Animas closed to traffic

Calle Animas, connecting calle La Cruz and calle Granada, is currently closed to traffic with the road surface dug up at the Calle La Cruz end. Doesn’t look as if it will be closed for too long, though.

Calle Animas closed to vehicles

Calle Animas is currently closed to vehicles as roadworks are being carried out at the junction with calle La Cruz – next to the entrance to the underground car park. There is no problem for pedestrians and scooters still manage to weave their way through.