Golf course, houses and hotel for Casarabonela

Casarabonela Council has signed an agreement with Puimsa for the construction of a golf course and, more importantly for the municipal coffers, 500 houses and an hotel of at least four stars.

Forestry worker injured

A forestry worker in Casarabonela had to be airlifted to hospital following an accident in which the large tree he was cutting with a chainsaw fell on top of him.

Casarabonela has biggest cactus garden in Europe

Casarabonela is now home to the largest botanical garden of its kind in Europe after the official inauguration of the Jardín Botánico ‘Mora i Bravard’. There are over 2,500 species of cacti and succulents in the gardens which were built at a cost of €2.4 million and financed by the regional, provincial and municipal authorities.

Inauguration of football pitch in Casarabonela

The new Viña Arias football pitch in Casarabonela was officially inaugurated on Friday by the the regional Director General of Planning and Sports Promotion, Ignacio Rodriguez, the president of Málaga Council, Salvador Pendón, and the Mayor of Casarabonela, Sebastián Gómez.

Fiesta de los Rondeles in Casarabonela

The town of Casarabonela will be celebrating the twenty-fifth edition of its popular Fiesta de los Rondeles on December 10th, 11th and 12th, with workshops, gastronomic delights and the procession of the Virgin.

Roadworks visit

The provincial deputy for Development and Provincial Roads, Cristóbal Guerrero, yesterday visited the site of works on the MA-5401 linking El Burgo with Casarabonela. The €900,000 project is split into three phases and covers a three kilometre stretch of the road.

Fiesta de Los Rondeles

This past weekend was the Fiesta de Los Rondeles in Casarabonela, a celebration declared of National Tourist Interest in Andalucia and one which traditionally heralds the arrival of the Christmas period in the town.

Fires in Casarabonela and Marbella

Two fires in Málaga province have so far destroyed more than 100 hectares of land as firefighters, with air support, battle to control and extinguish the blazes.