Burgos bomb blast

The number of people injured in the bomb blast in Burgos early this morning has reached 54, although none of the injuries are serious. However, the authorities consider it a miracle that there were no fatalities in the incident.

Bad weather claims second victim

Two people have so far died during the current bout of bad weather, the latest casualty being a Guardia Civil officer in Burela, Lugo.

18 gas explosion victims in critical condition

Following the gas explosion in the Gavá district of Barcelona this morning, it is now known that 28 people were injured in the blast and subsequent fire and 18 are currently in a critical condition in hospital. The victims are suffering from burns to between 60% and 95% of their bodies. The most serious cases were taken immediately to the …

San Fermin – 1 dead and over 100 injured

The San Fermin festival is underway in Pamplona but, even before the traditional bull running, the casualty list was one dead and more than 100 injured.