Civil War munitions

The Guardia Civil handles around 1,000 Civil War munitions each year but it is thought that many more are taken away by collectors or souvenir hunters, most of whom probably do not realise the dangers involved with such a practice.

Research into mass graves in Ronda

Work has started at the San Lorenzo cemetery in Ronda to identify two possible mass graves where it is thought that between 1,700 and 3,000 Civil War victims could be buried.

Commemorative monolith for Pizarra

The Council in Pizarra used the occasion of the All Saints Day celebrations to announce that a monument commemorating the victims of the Civil War is to be placed in the cemetery once planned improvements and cleaning have taken place. The monolith is the work of malagueño artist José Seguiri.

Exhumations at mass grave in Montefrío

The Granada Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory has exhumed 18 bodies from a mass grave at cortijo ‘Los Martínez’ in Montefrío, these individuals having been shot between September 21st and September 28th 1936.

Civil War legacy in San Rafael cemetery, Málaga

After three years hard work, the Ministry of Justice and the Mayor of Málaga have submitted a 3,800 page report detailing the remains of Civil War victims discovered in the San Rafael cemetery.

Torrox Civil War graves to be opened

In the next few months, Torrox Council will initiate proceedings to exhume the remains from two Civil War mass graves in the town.

Excavations begin today in Alfacar

Today sees the start of excavations at the site of Civil War graves in Alfacar where, amongst others, the remains of the poet Lorca are believed to be buried.