Mayor of Roquetas to appear in Court

The mayor of Roquetas and president of the PP in Almeria, Gabriel Amat, will be appearing in court on Monday, along with six other Councillors, relating to a re-zoning case which allowed the construction of villas on non-developable land.

Suspension of tram system ruled legal

The Court of Contentious Administration Number 2 in Málaga has dismissed an appeal filed by the Partido Andalucista (PA) against the suspension of the tram system in Vélez-Málaga.

Gives a whole new meaning to ‘young offenders’

At nine months old, most children are incapable of planning a successful bowel movement, let alone a murder, but toddler Muhammad Mosa Khan has reportedly already appeared in court in Pakistan on charges of planning a murder, threatening police and interfering in state affairs.

On a winning streak

Nerja Council is making a habit of winning court cases against the Junta de Andalucia in recent times, the political repercussions of which are always unpredictable but seemingly inevitable.

Another mayor in the dock

The Mayor of Tolox, Juan Vera (Convergencia Andaluza), is in court in Málaga this week to face fourteen trials relating to the alleged granting of building permits for housing construction on undeveloped land.

Air traffic controllers refusing to testify

Twelve air traffic controllers charged with sedition following the wildcat strike have invoked their right not to testify because they contend that the matter falls under military jurisdiction following the declaration by the government of a ‘state of alert’.

No end in sight to the museum saga

The Madrid company Expociencia S. L. has reportedly filed an appeal with the Administrative Court in Málaga against the awarding of the contract to equip the Nerja Museum to the Catalan joint venture Playmedia.

Top Guardia Civil commander in court

National Court judge Fernando Grande-Marlaska has charged a senior Guardia Civil commander with money laundering and involvement in drug trafficking.