II BTT Nerja Marathon

The II BTT Nerja Marathon, included in the Andalucian Cycling Federation calendar, take place on Sunday November 8th 2015.

Didn’t think that one through, eh Lance?

According to Lance Armstrong: It is IMPOSSIBLE to win the Tour de France without doping Entering a fantasy world for a moment. If no-one was doping, there would still be a winner. They might be a lot slower, but there would still be a winner, unless they all crashed out at the start.

Proposal for compulsory helmets for cyclists

A new draft law includes a provision to make it compulsory for cyclists to wear helmets within city limits, a proposal that has met with disapproval from cycling associations and all of the political parties in the city of Barcelona.

Dr Dope to go on trial

Dr Eufemiano Fuentes is going on trial in Madrid nearly seven years after police raided his offices and seized 200 bags of blood which were linked to a number of top cyclists. He is accused of running one of the world’s largest sports doping rings.

Alberto Contador banned for two years and stripped of 2010 Tour de France title

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) has banned Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador for two years for doping and he has been stripped of his 2010 Tour de France victory. His suspension, backdated to the date of his failed drugs test, runs until 5 August and he will miss this year’s Tour and the Olympics.

More accusations

Disgraced former Tour de Drogue France winner Floyd Landis has stepped up the ante in his ongoing crusade against seven-time winner Lance Armstrong by claiming: ‘I saw lance Armstrong using drugs‘. Whether this is sour grapes, a vendetta, publicity seeking or a total change of character to want a clean sport (?) remains to be seen. Whatever the reason, the …

Major police operation in Bournemouth

Although there are continual complaints about lack of manpower, it’s good to see that, when necessary, the forces of Law and Order can muster sufficient strength to apprehend the really dangerous criminals in society. Four vehicles and nine officers were recently involved in one such dramatic operation, ending with the arrest of a 42 year old desperado. Handcuffed, he was …

Joining the elite

Alberto Contador secured overall victory in the Tour of Spain on Sunday to join an elite group of riders who have won the three major Tours. He is only the fifth rider in history, and the first-ever Spaniard, to win all three of cycling’s Tours. Contador won the 2007 Tour de France as well as this year’s Giro d’Italia. French …