Dr Dope to go on trial

Dr Eufemiano Fuentes is going on trial in Madrid nearly seven years after police raided his offices and seized 200 bags of blood which were linked to a number of top cyclists. He is accused of running one of the world’s largest sports doping rings.

And still they wait in Torre de Benagalbón

The new doctor’s surgery in Torre de Benagalbón has been finished for over a year now. It has all the necessary electricity, telephony and water, it just lacks furniture and staff, meaning that the 8,000 residents still have to travel to Rincón de la Victoria to see a doctor.

Doctor in Algeciras arrested for alleged fraud

A doctor in Algeciras has been arrested on charges of fraud and falsification of documents after allegedly writing out prescriptions for friends and family using the names of patients at the Hospital Punta Europa.

Love triangle ends in attempted murder in Huelva

National Police have arrested a 34 year old intensive care physician in Madrid as the alleged perpetrator of the attempted murder and illegal detention of a dentist in Huelva.

Doctor attending accident victim gets car towed

A doctor who stopped at the scene of an accident to save the life of an injured youth and was then fined for illegal parking and had his car towed away is in court in Sevilla.

Porn doctor back in the Health Service

A Málaga pediatrician sentenced to two years in jail for child pornography will return to employment within the Andalucian Health Service although he will not be permitted to work with children.

Appointments via internet and SMS in Benagalbón

Over 1,000 residents in Benagalbón already have the possibility to make appointments with their family doctor via a twenty-four hour telephone line (Salud Responde), but more options have now been added. Appointments can now be made via the internet (www.sas.junta-andalucia.es) or by SMS (text CITASAS followed by a space followed by your health card number) to 600 123 400.

Doctor attacked in La Herradura

A doctor at a health centre in La Herradura, Granada province, was verbally and physically assaulted after telling a patient to wait their turn in the queue.

Peeping doctor

A doctor in Utrera, Sevilla, has been arrested and charged with a crime against privacy after he was discovered to be taking photos of colleagues changing their clothes in the locker room of the medical centre.