Domestic fatality in Ceuta

A man turned himself in to the National Police in Ceuta on Tuesday and confessed to killing his partner. When police went to his home they found the lifeless body of a woman.

Parricide in Madrid

An 80 year old woman has been found dead in her room in Madrid and her 42 year old son dead on the street below after a caller, assumed to be the son, called the police to say that if they went to the address they would find two bodies.

Domestic fatality in Terrassa

The Catalan Police have arrested 41 year old Francisco V.B. after he rang the police to say that he had had an argument with his wife and then stabbed her to death at their home in Terrassa.

Domestic fatality in Calpe, Alicante

An 80 year old man has been detained on suspicion of killing his 78 year old wife at their home in urbanisation Carrió in Calpe, Alicante.

Domestic fatality in Tarragona

The Guardia Civil have arrested a man in Vinarós, Tarragona, for alleged involvement in the death of his wife whose body was found in Amposta.

Domestic fatality in Lora del Río, Sevilla

A 40 year old woman died on the street near the railway station in Lora del Río, Sevilla, on Saturday night after yet another domestic dispute was resolved with finality.

Domestic fatality in Guadix

A 50 year old Cuban woman in Guadix has been arrested for allegedly killing her partner of the past three years. A police investigation is under way.