Sewage discharges in Doñana

The WWF has denounced the discharge of 5 million litres – equivalent to the contents of two Olympic sized swimming pools – per day of untreated residual waters into the Arroyo del Partido in the Parque Nacional de Doñana in Huelva.

Two Iberian Lynx die within twenty-four hours

The deaths of two female Iberian Lynx within a period of 24 hours in Doñana effectively means the loss of 10% of the breeding population of this critically endangered species.

Body of Iberian Lynx found in Villamanrique

Experts from the Ministry of Environment have located the body of a female Iberian lynx, thought to be pregnant, on the Algodonera-Laguna road in San Lázaro in the muncicipality of Villamanrique de la Condesa, Sevilla. All the signs indicate the animal was hit by a vehicle.