Man hit by brick dies from his injuries

Antonio Pérez Bermudo, a resident of Ecija, Sevilla, who has been in a coma since Saturday after being hit by a brick thrown, allegedly, by an 11-year-old, has died from his injuries.

Four injured in fire in Ecija

Four people, two men and two women, suffered burns on Saturday morning following a fire at a house in plaza Luis de Góngora in Ecija, Sevilla.

Domestic fatality in Ecija

Today, Tuesday March 19th, is the funeral of the 43 year old woman killed in Ecija, Sevilla, allegedly by her husband who is now in custody.

Fatal fire in Écija, Sevilla

An 85 year old woman died today at her farm in the village of El Villar in Écija, Sevilla. Firemen were unable to do anything to save the life of the woman.

Apologetic robber apprehended

Police in Ecija, Sevilla, have today arrested a man responsible for four armed robberies in the past week, two at supermarkets, one at a tobacconists and one at a bank.

Écija flood damage estimated at €23.5 million

The town of Écija in Sevilla province was particularly badly hit during the recent rainy period, severe flooding occurring on no less than five occasions as the Rio Genil reached record levels.

Christmas away from home

Around 300 families in Ecija, Sevilla, have had to spend Christmas away from their homes as a result of the four floods in the past two weeks. Externally, the town is getting back to normal but many houses are still suffering water damage and flooding.