The worst is yet to come

According to a survey published by the European Commission, 53% of Spaniards believe that the worst of the economic crisis, particularly relating to employment, is yet to come.

The crisis and paternity tests

The demand for paternity tests in Andalucia, although still relatively small, has apparently doubled in the past year, this increase being blamed on the economic crisis in Spain.

Projects shelved in Torrox

The current economic crisis, particularly affecting coastal towns which became dependent upon the construction industry after the building boom of the past decade, appears to have resulted in the shelving, at least temporarily, of two major projects in Torrox.

Increase in rural thefts

The economic crisis is being blamed for an increase in crime in rural areas, especially thefts from farms.

Restaurants, marinas and impressions…

Politicians, wherever they be, keep telling us the recession has bottomed out, is over or that things are getting better. Not that many, if any, politicians anywhere have really been affected by the global economic crisis. So why is it that all one ever seems to hear about, still, are businesses going under or people losing their jobs? Meanwhile, the …


The effects of the economic crisis on the shipping industry can now be seen off Gibraltar, where some twenty boats are currently anchored as they await new customers. The boats anchor on the eastern side of the Rock, an area where they do not need to pay port charges. This in itself is considered somewhat of a potential hazard as …

Leading by example

Everyone is being affected by the current economic crisis. Well, almost everyone. The administrators of Woolworths, a household name, have announced that all 800 of their shops will be closed by January 5th, the first 200 actually closing down on December 27th. The closures will affect 22,000 permanent staff and 5,000 part-time employees.

Around 300 businesses are closing down each day in Spain

The economic crisis is certainly taking its toll throughout Spain. According to latest reports, around 300 businesses in Spain are going under each day. In Jaén, the commercial centre has seen 40 shops disappear in the past five months, a figure which accounts for 12% of business in the centre. In general, shops devoted to the supply of essential goods …