Lucky escape

There was an incident on Monday at El Playazo beach in Nerja when one of the boats being taken to the water apparently caught the sand.

El Playazo businesses threatened with heavy fines

The regional Department of Environment has initiated disciplinary proceedings against the seven businesses located on El Playazo beach, Nerja, for breaching the Coastal Act, threatening fines of up to €300,506.05 for each establishment.

Tapas at Chiringuito Mauri

Chiringuito Mauri is at the western end of El Playazo beach in Nerja and is open all year round. It is a friendly place with quite a spacious interior and a large garden area with tables and, when necessary, suitable shade. Very nice place to relax.

El Playazo update

The Council has today been meeting with the owners of businesses on El Playazo beach to explain the current state of affairs. Due to complaints received from the owners of the Marinas de Nerja Hotel and some local residents, the Department of Coasts informed the Council that the track at El Playazo was to be closed to traffic and concrete …

Tapa at Mauri, El Playazo beach

At €1 for a beer and a tapa, Mauri on El Playazo beach in Nerja has to be one of the best value places in town. Not only that, it has a nice garden area, ample seating inside and the atmosphere is always good.

Still pushing for a promenade at El Playazo beach

The Council has approved a motion requesting the Department of Coasts to begin drafting the project for the construction of a promenade at El Playazo beach as part of plans to greatly expand the area for tourism purposes.

New signs at El Playazo beach

The Council is installing car park signs in Spanish and English at several points along El Playazo beach to remind people to use the (free) car parks and not park on the dirt track. There are two large, free parking areas along El Playazo beach. Camper vans and caravans, however, are not permitted.

El Playazo beach promenade project

The Council is proposing to request the Ministry of Environment, once the new national government is set up and functioning, to expedite proceedings relating to the construction of a promenade at El Playazo beach, this to include acquiring lands not yet voluntarily surrendered by their owners.