Butane gas and electricity prices go down tomorrow

The TUR – Tariff of Last Resort – will decrease by an average of 2.29% as from tomorrow, October 1st 2012, bringing slightly lower electricity costs to around 20 million users.

New Year price check

The new year begins with a number of price increases, although users of the butano gas bottles can heave a sigh of relief as the price of those has been frozen for the first quarter at a maximum of €15.09 for a 12.5 litre bottle.

Electricity up, gas down

The new Tarifa de Ultimo Recurso (TUR) – Tariff of Last Resort – for electricity is set to rise by 2% on Wednesday July 1st. It means that the average consumer will see an extra €0,70 on their monthly electricity bill. The cost of natural gas, on the other hand, is set to go down by an average of €1.90 …