Could an EU wide Green Card allow Britons to move about Europe freely?

EU Green Card

While it might now sound like a fantasy a move is underway to push the idea of a European Green Card to allow British Citizens to move around Europe freely following Brexit. A campaign led by former Labour MP Roger Casale, who now resides in Florence, Italy is lobbying the European Parliament to issue a card for European citizens who …

EU threatens Spain over the hunting of protected birds

The European Union has given Spain two months to bring its laws into line with the rest of the EU regarding the hunting of protected species. The birds in question include the goldfinch, the common linnet, the European serin, the finch and the greenfinch.   The Commission has demanded that Spain discontinue hunting the birds with nets and that the …

British Holidaymakers may need a Visa to visit Spain

Plans, drawn up and signed off by EU ambassadors reveal that a 3-year entry visa will be required by UK nationals wishing to enter the European Union.   Travellers will be required to answer questions relating to the reason for their travel to the European Union as well as questions concerning any criminal records they may have. The proposal is …

Meeting to try and unblock fishing agreement with Morocco

The Joint Fisheries Committee is meeting in Rabat to try and unlock the fishing agreement between Morocco and the EU, technical details apparently delaying the return of Andalucian boats to the fishing grounds.

Spanish regions top the EU unemployment list

Despite the rhetoric of regional and national governments that Spain is on the road to recovery, statistics issued from Brussels, and they have time enough on their hands to get it right, paint a somewhat contrasting picture.

King of Morocco ratifies fishing agreement

King Mohamed VI of Morocco has finally ratified the fishing agreement reached with the EU, paving the way for Spanish fishermen to return to Moroccan waters.

EU wants Cameron and Rajoy to engage in dialogue to resolve dispute

The president of the European Commission, José Manuel Durao Barroso, has called upon the Prime Ministers of the YK and Spain to engage in dialogue to resolve their dispute over Gibraltar and has apparently informed Prime Minister Rajoy that any toll introduced for people entering or leaving the Rock would be illegal.

EU rejects fishing agreement with Mauretania

The Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament has voted against renewing the fishing agreement with Mauretania, a move which will affect 25 trawlers in Huelva. The full session of Parliament will have to rule on the matter in July.

Brussels proposes 6.3% deficit target for 2013

The European Commission has proposed raising Spain’s net deficit target to 6.3% for this year – Prime Minister wanted 6.3% and the current target is 4.5% – and Spain has been given a two year extension to get the deficit down to the 3% threshold laid down by the Pact for Growth. But it will come at a cost.