Floods in Zaragoza

The river Ebro has risen to six metres and ten centimetres in Zaragoza, with flooding necessitating the evacuation of around one thousand people from their homes.

Four injured in fire in Córdoba

A fire in the early hours of this morning necessitated the evacuation of 24 homes in an apartment block in Córdoba and three people needed hospital treatment for burns.

Fryer fire causes evacuation from hotel

Smoke caused by a fire in a fryer in the kitchen of an hotel in Sotogrande, San Roque, on Monday evening necessitated the preventative evacuation of 140 people from the building.

Whole village evacuated due to threat of flooding

There was a midnight evacuation last night of the 649 residents of Barbaño, Badajoz, due to the risk of flooding in the area. The population was moved in a fleet of buses to the sports centre in Montijo.

5,000 evacuated from their homes on La Gomera

Almost a quarter of the population of La Gomera, around 5,000 people, have had to be evacuated from their homes as the forest fire continues to ravage the island.