Large fines for illegal renters

Large fines for illegal renters

Neighbours are turning against neighbours in tourist hotspots across Spain turning up at town councils to blow the whistle on people who rent their houses and flats out illegally.    A typical giveaway is when a large number of towels suddenly appear hung over a balcony to dry. To stop the increase in “Black Market Rentals” many municipalities are now …

Fines that you can get when you’re a pedestrian

When it comes to the rules of the road in Spain the assumption is that pedestrians always have the right of way and while this may be true in most instances heavy fines can be imposed on people who don’t realize they are doing anything wrong. In a recent study conducted by the RACE (Real Automobile Club of Spain) pedestrians …

Fines of up to €500 for putting up posters in Ronda

People who put up stickers or posters in public places in Ronda – such as on lampposts, signs, billboards, containers, windows of closed establishments etc – will now face fines ranging from €50 to €500.

Mayors and councillors sentenced for corruption

The former mayor and current Councillor for Public Works in Zurgena, Cándido Trabalón (PA), and seven other former Councillors have been sentenced to 15 months in prison and 9 years disqualification from public office for urban planning violations.

Fined for playing games and drinking water

Eight youths aged between 20 and 30 years have reportedly been fined €101 each while playing backgammon and drinking soft drinks late at night in a square in Málaga.

Youths fined €1,000 for littering

In Torremolinos, three youths, aged 17, 19 and 21 years, have been fined €1,000 each for dumping paper and other rubbish outside the receptacles provided for such waste products.

Increase in the number of fines

Málaga Council has admitted that there has been an increase in the number of fines being levied due to changes in municipal ordinances and closer monitoring of the ordinances by the Local Police. However, they deny that this is a concerted effort to increase revenue, pointing out that many fines can be converted into community service with an educational content.