High-speed links between Spain and France

At a ceremony held at the Palace of the Kings of Mallorca in Perpignan, a host of officials heralded an ‘historic’ day as they announced the new AVE high-speed train link between Barcelona and Paris.

Pedrosa wins in France

Dani Pedrosa won a wet French Grand Prix and now leads the championship from Marquez.Britain’s Cal Crutchlow, who suffered a fractured leg during practice, finished second with Marc Marquez in third. Reigning world champion Jorge Lorenzo finished down in seventh place after starting from second on the grid.

Body of elderly Spanish national found at his home in France

Police in France have discovered the skeletal remains of Spanish national Alberto Rodriguez at his home near the Belgian border. Rodriguez, born in 1921, was found in his bed with no apparent signs of violence. However, it appears that he could have been dead since 1997.

One would have thought

One would have thought that a phone bill sent to an individual in the amount of €11,721,000,000,000,000 would have immediately been recognised at least as a ‘possible’ glitch by the telephone company. Not in France, despite it being 6,000 times the economic output of the entire country.

Pretty honey

Beekeepers in northeastern France have been surprised and alarmed to find their bees producing blue and green honey and believe the source of the problem is a biogas plant near Ribeauville in Alsace.

Two top ETA members arrested in France

The head of military recruitment for ETA, Oroitz Gurruchaga Gogorza, and his deputy, Javier Aramburu Sagarminaga, were arrested in France on Sunday. Both men were armed.

ETA member arrested in France

French police in Urruña have arrested alleged ETA member Ernesto Prat Urzainqui, on the ‘most wanted’ list since 2008.

2017, Josephine

Paris already has Disneyland and the Asterix Park, but if former minister Yves Jégo has his way, it will also have Napoleonland. Provided the required €180 million funding can be raised.

Police in France detain suspected killer

Police in France have reportedly detained a man in connection with the recent discovery of two decapitated bodies hidden in a well in Almonaster la Real, Huelva, for the past eighteen years.

ETA fugitive detained in France

The French authorities in San Juan de Luz have detained ETA member Josu Esparza Iraizoz who had been on the run since January 18th 2011. Josu Esparza Iraizoz was the public face of Askatasuna in Navarra, responsible for organising press conferences, demonstrations amongst other things.