Regional government to control Nerja’s new wells


The regional government is ready to take over three new wells located in the upper Rio Chillar near the town of Nerja. Last year alone the authorities invested 3 million euros in the wells to ensure that the people of Nerja had adequate drinking water. The new wells are capable of generating up to seven hectares of water per year …

A few changes in the Ronda government due to resignations

The government team in Ronda, comprising members of the PP and PA, has undergone a bit of a restructuring after the resignation of the Councillor for Agriculture, Manuel López (PP), for personal reasons and the Councillor for Public Works and Planning, Daniel Harillo (PA), following disagreements with fellow party members.

It’s OK, the taxpayers won’t mind

The UK Government has snapped up nearly 9,000 prime tickets for the London 2012 Olympic Games at a cost of almost £750,000 (to the taxpayer). Some tickets are destined for eligible Civil Servants so, theoretically at least, there should be some cash coming back. And one of the most popular events? Beach volleyball.

A year to the day

Today, April 27th, marks exactly one year since Belgium had a full government and, while other EU countries have been suffering debt-related problems, Belgium has not. One can only have the utmost sympathy for the people of Belgium who have had to suffer a whole year without posturing, self-serving, party faithful, back-stabbing politicians making decisions that are likely to make …

Government reshuffle

Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has announced a few changes in the Government team in the latest reshuffle, the most notable change being the appointment of Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba as First Deputy Prime Minister in place of  De la Vega.