Search for vehicle involved in fatal accident

Police in Huelva are searching for a hit and run driver who knocked down and killed an 80 year old woman in calle  Laberinto, Chucena on Saturday night. The incident was reported at 22:38.

Two killed in hit and run incidents

In two separate incidents, one in Málaga province and the other in Sevilla, two people died on Saturday night after being run down by vehicles. In neither case did the driver of the vehicle stop.

Hit and run driver remanded in custody

A judge in Sevilla has ordered the detention in prison of 26 year old Juan Francisco Gámez Durán, detained after the fatal running over of another man on Sunday on the Polígono Store.

Hit and run driver detained

The driver and his passenger who were involved in a hit and run death in Sevilla early on Sunday morning have been arrested.

Hit and run death in Sevilla

A 31 year old man died in the early hours of Sunday morning following a hit and run incident on the Poligono Store in Sevilla city. The National Police have opened an investigation into the incident.