Riding between the seams

This summer, don’t miss the chance to have a wonderful night out under the stars that combines a fashion show, orchestral music and live equestrian show.   Riding between the seams brings together on stage 10 horses and riders from the Equinarte David Chaves. The show also presents 10 fashion designers and their creations together with a Philharmonic Orchestra conducted …

Horses at the Feria

This year’s Feria will have two official equestrian components, one being a daily procession of horse riders and the other being a carousel with musical accompaniment and various prizes.


A great way to wander along the beach.

A horsey day…

A glorious Saturday after the heavy winds of the past week and there were quite a few on the beaches, and the odd one on horseback. One man took his nag down to the river for a good paddle, while another horse enjoyed a stroll along the Rio Chillar walkway.


Plenty of horses around again today during Feria and this toddler was having great fun wandering up and down the street, even riding ‘solo’ for a short while. Best to start ’em young.

A change of story

After the demonstration in London last Wednesday against increased tuition fees, the Metropolitan Police, including the commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson, denied that horses had at any stage charged at the crowd. They admitted that police horses were involved in the operation, but they were not involved in charging the crowd.

West Nile Fever in Jerez de la Frontera

The veterinary service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has confirmed two cases of West Nile Fever in two horses in Jerez de la Frontera following a routine control carried out under the epidemiological programme.

Man dies in collision with horses

A 62 year old man died early this morning after his car was in collision with a drove of loose horses in Pozoblanco, Córdoba province.