Fatal accident near Moguer, Huelva

An eight month old baby died on Tuesday morning when a car left the road near Moguer in Huelva province. The baby’s parents suffered only minor injuries in the accident. The accident occurred at 11:00 on the N-442 about five kilometres from Mazagón.

Two die in head-on collision in Huelva

Two men, aged 34 years and 35 years, died early on Saturday morning following a head-on collision between two vehicles on the A-49 in Huelva.

ERTE instead of ERE in Huelva

Urbaser, the municipal concessionaire for the cleaning and maintenance of parks and gardens in Huelva, has reached an agreement with the unions which will avoid the application of an ERE (Employment Regulation Expedient) affecting 25 of its 90 employees.

Discrepancy in prison accounts in Huelva

The Secretariat General of Prisons has ordered a full audit of the accounts of Huelva prison after a discrepancy of €400,000 was found in the accounts relating to the period 2009 to 2011.

Storms damage strawberry crops in Huelva

The weekend storms and high winds have caused damage to the strawberry and raspberry greenhouses in Huelva, some of the structures being blown down to expose the crops. The damage will be assessed during the next few days but initial estimates put the cost at around €500,000.

Police in Huelva taking the bus

Local Police in Huelva have either been walking or using buses for the past few days as only five of their 18 vehicles are currently roadworthy.

Police find trailer used in hashish robbery in Huelva

Agents of the Security Forces have recovered the trailer used in the theft of 1,000 kilos of hashish from the Customs offices in the port of Huelva. The trailer had been stolen in Huelva two days earlier and dumped in a warehouse in San Juan del Puerto after the robbery.

Hashish raid by masked men

As the clocks chimed twelve last night, a group of masked men took the opportunity to break into a Customs building in Huelva port and steal 30 bales of hashish weighing a total around 1,000 kilos.

Over 22,000 fireworks seized in Huelva

A Chinese national in Rociana del Condado, Huelva, has been sanctioned after 22,695 category II and III fireworks were found in his bazaar.