Family of grandma in coma berate travel insurance company


A British family on holiday in Spain are furious with insurers InsureandGo after being told that a 5,882€ air ambulance fee to fly a sick family member back home for treatment was not covered under their plan.   61-year-old grandma Patricia Reid is in a life-threatening coma after suffering a brain haemorrhage while on holiday in Malaga according to the …

Man arrested for making false robbery claim

A 39 year old man has been arrested in Fuengirola for faking the robbery of a bag containing his mobile phone in order to collect €450 from the insurance company. However, the man continued to use the phone after reporting it stolen and was eventually caught.

Compensation scheme for fishermen

Starting tomorrow, July 1st, Andalucian fisherment and boat owners will be compensated when they are unable to work as a result of bad weather.


It is estimated that, in the UK, one in every fifteen drivers does not have insurance, roughly two million motorists. One just has to hope they crash into each other and not into anyone else!

Leave those insurance papers safely at home

As from now, drivers no longer have to carry motor vehicle insurance papers with them under the new Obligatory Car Insurance Regulations. It is now up to the police to consult the Insured Vehicle Database to check to see whether or not you are properly insured. In fact, insurance companies have, on a daily basis, been entering client details on …