Fifty-three migrants intercepted near the Isla de Alborán

A total of fifty-three visiting North African citizens have arrived safely in the port of Motril, Granada, after members of the Maritime Rescue Service located their small vessel about five miles from the Isla de Alborán and helped them to shore.

69 sub-Saharans intercepted off the isla de Alborán

A small boat carrying 69 sub-Saharan alternative tourists, with 5 pregnant women and two young children amongst the passengers, was intercepted today about 18 miles from the isla de Alborán.

57 illegal immigrants intercepted near the Isla de Alborán

Two women on board a boat full of illegal immigrants intercepted near the Isla de Alborán, Almeria, have been transferred to hospital in Motril for treatment. One is in an advanced state of pregnancy, the other has a broken arm.

57 illegal immigrants intercepted

The Marine Rescue vessel ‘Guardamar Calíope’ has intercepted a small pneumatic dinghy with 57 sub-Saharans on board including 8 women, one of whom is pregnant. The boat was spotted by a fishing vessel and intercepted about 10 miles southeast of the isla de Alborán.

55 sub-Saharans intercepted off the coast of Almeria

Fifty-five sub-Saharans, including a number of young children and babies, failed in their attempt to gain unauthorised entry into the land of mass unemployment after their boat was intercepted about four miles southeast of the Isla de Alborán.

Undocumented travellers arrive in Motril

Fifty-one undocumented travellers of sub-Saharan origin, including six women and two babies, were intercepted and ‘rescued’ on Saturday near the isla de Alborán.

51 immigrants intercepted near the isla de Alborán

On Saturday afternoon, Marine Rescue intercepted a boat carrying 51 illegal immigrants, all adult males, about 17 miles off the isla de Alborán. All the passengers were reported to be in good health.