Koogle it.

And then there was Koogle! Ultra-Orthodox Jews are very restricted when it comes to surfing the internet in case they happen upon something deemed ‘unsuitable’ by the Rabbis. However, that could all change with Koogle, a kosher search engine in Hebrew designed specifically for Orthodox Jews.

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

An Israeli woman decided to surprise her mother by buying her some new bedding, throwing out the old mattress and replacing it with a brand new one. She then told her mum what she had been up to, expecting to see her smile. Instead, mum almost fainted as she informed her daughter that the mattress contained her life savings, almost …

Is there anything the Chinese won’t counterfeit?

There was uproar in Iran the other day when Israeli oranges were found to be on sale in the country despite a ban on commercial dealings between the two states. One irate official even apparently went so far as to accuse the opposition of a ‘citrus plot’. However, it now turns out that the offending citrus fruit, marketed as ‘Jaffa …

I need a drink

It may soon be the case that if you get a text message or email from Rose saying ‘I fancy a drink’, it might not be from the girl you’ve been trying to pluck up the courage to ask out, but from your houseplant.