Nerja Town Hall to create 40 new jobs

The new places include six people to work in the town hall to deal with local planning permissions, and the town’s computer system. The other in-house jobs will be made up by the hiring of eight new administrative assistants and one new local police officer.  The remaining 26 jobs are classed as labour and comprise a receptionist, gardener, plumber, bricklayer, car …

Five star hotel in Ubeda

Ubeda is the location for the first five star hotel in Jaén province and more than 250 people applied for jobs during the first twelve hours of recruitment. The hotel is due to open in June 2014. The building was the home of the Counts of Guadiana during the sixteenth century.

Six years of job destruction

The Spanish economy destroyed jobs for the sixth year in a row in 2013, according to official statistics, with 198,900 positions being lost.

Council investing to create jobs

The Council has announced that it will be spending €2,161,000 this year on job creation, with nearly two million of this amount coming from local resources. There is also an €85,000 provision from the provincial Council and €117,00 from the Extraordinary Social Action Plan.

Spain urged to spend less on infrastructure projects and more on the real economy

The European Commissioner for Regional Development, Johannes Hahn, has said that Spain must spend more of its European funding on the ‘real economy’ and less on grandiose infrastructure projects, adding that the regions should introduce specialised economic strategies based upon the strengths of each region.

Social Programme to create up to 35 jobs

Torrox Council has approved the Social Programme for the Balancing of Family Income which will create up to 35 part-time jobs per year with a maximum contract period of six months. According to the Council, the programme is designed to partially or wholly solve urgent needs arising from social emergencies experienced by residents as a result of the crisis.

Nerja History Museum, the saga continues

More apparently strange goings-on relating to the Nerja History Museum, which is still closed, although one must take into account the local political climate and the pending municipal elections.

Job creation agreement in Torrox

Torrox Council has signed an agreement with the telemarketing company Telefónica Buscfonía whereby the Council will provide a number of facilities in exchange for the company creating around 40 jobs.

Something different down under

The South Australian government has launched a campaign to poach stressed and bored Brits for a number of interesting jobs and no previous experience is required. The jobs on offer include: beer taster, koala catcher, a Fairy Penguin home remodeller on Kangaroo Island, shark personality profiler, a ‘roo poo’ harvester and shark tagger….STORY…

The invisible jobs…

We’ve had the Plan Zapatero, Plan Axarquia, Plan Proteja and numerous other plans designed to stimulate local economies, billions of euros. However, I have yet to encounter anyone running up to say ‘I’ve got a job’. On the contrary, it’s still, ‘Just lost my job after 7 years’, ‘the place just closed overnight with no warning’ or ‘just been sacked’. …