La Biznaga closed for the winter months

La Biznaga on the Balcón de Europa, Nerja, is now closed for the season, reopening around Easter one would imagine if previous years are anything to go by.

La Biznaga open again

La Biznaga on the Balcón de Europa is open again after a long winter break.

Tapas at La Biznaga

It was a tapa at La Biznaga on the Balcón de Europa today. La Biznaga has a very wide selection of tapas on offer but they are not included in the price of a drink, so a beer and a tapa will set you back €2.40 – €1.40 for a small beer and €1 for a tapa. The meat was …

One reopens, one changes name

The former Balti Towers/Robin Hood in Plaza Tutti Frutti is now The Dubliner, so two Irish bars in the square now, O’Malley’s being the other. And then there’s one more just across the road in calle Chaparil for good measure, The Blarney Stone.