Mists, markets and marinas…

On Friday the sea mist was rolling in and out all along the coast. Marina del Este in La Herradura, a ghost town at the best of times, looked even more eerie.

Marinas del Este on a September morn…

I made my monthly visit to Marinas del Este on Friday, around midday so you would expect a few people to be milling around. The ‘powers that be’ in Nerja still regard such items as marinas as the salvation of tourism in the area, but it is extremely hard to see any justification for this idea.

Search for missing crew

Maritime Rescue and Guardia Civil officers are searching for the occupant or occupants of a boat that ran aground on the rocks in La Herradura, Granada province.

Interesting sign

Spotted this rather curious sign on a beach in La Herradura this morning.

Doctor attacked in La Herradura

A doctor at a health centre in La Herradura, Granada province, was verbally and physically assaulted after telling a patient to wait their turn in the queue.

Suicide in La Herradura

A man in La Herradura committed suicide on Thursday evening after earlier setting fire to his wife.

Fleeting visit…

Made a fleeting visit to La Herradura and Marinas del Este this morning. More like a sprint really, unfortunately, but did get a quick look round and managed to take a few pics. One immediately noticeable thing, the same as everywhere at the moment, is the number of businesses closing down, particularly estate agents.

Almuñecar referendum

The good citizens of Almuñecar and La Herredura have been voting in a referendum to give initial approval to the PGOU for the municipality. Of the total votes cast, 77.8% were in favour, 19.3% were against and 2.9% of the ballot papers were blank or void. Although the result of the referendum was a resounding ‘Si’, it has to be …

19 detained in drugs busts

Police have broken up an international drugs smuggling organisation based in Granada and Madrid with nineteen people so far being arrested.