Twitter sues US Government

Twitter has filed a lawsuit against the US government, specifically the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over surveillance laws.

Via now suing Apple

As I sit waiting for my latest patent to be approved: An action or device enabling movement from point A to point B, I note that Taiwanese chip maker Via is the latest to resort to the courts for alleged patent infringements.

Apple is now suing Samsung

Apple is suing its rival Samsung Electronics for allegedly copying the design of its iPad and iPhone, particularly with respect to the look of its screen icons.

Strange lawsuit

A Canadian woman, Gabriella Nagy, is suing a mobile phone company for 600,000 Canadian dollars for invasion of privacy and breach of contract and blames the company for the breakup of her marriage. Her husband apparently became suspicious after noticing a frequently called phone number on the itemised bill. Dialling the number, he was told by the man on the …