New lighting in Plaza Cantarero

The Council has carried out repair work to the lighting on the fountain in Plaza Cantarero so that it is once again illuminated, the colours constantly changing.

Work starts to improve lighting at Torrecilla beach

Work has started on improvements to the lighting at Torrecilla beach, with the replacement of 40 lamps, the addition of two new lamps and the installation of projectors to illuminate the whole beach area.

A bit more subtle…

There was a group of workmen fiddling with the ornamental lighting on Calahonda beach during the day as well as appearing to hold a meeting on top of the big rock at the end of the beach.

Out and About July 5th 2014…

There was actually some activity behind Calahonda beach, about the first time since the day the project to install special lighting began a couple of months ago. The project had a completion period of four months.

Renewal of lighting along the promenade

Torrox Council is investing €383,338 in improvements to lighting on the promenade at Ferrara Playa between Punta del Faro y and arroyo del Mascuñar.

Let there be ornamental lighting

The local government team has approved the awarding of the contract to improve the lighting on Calahonda beach and the installation of ornamental lighting to light up the cliffs at night.

Contracts awarded for two new projects

Torrox Council has awarded the contracts for two projects in the municipality, one for the renovation of the Puente de la Rejana and the other for the renewal and moderisation of the lighting on the promenade at Ferrara beach.

New lighting for Calahonda beach and the surrounding cliffs

The Council has approved a project to improve the lighting at Calahonda beach and along the surrounding cliffs so that the area is lit up throughout the night for the benefit of residents and tourists alike, particularly during the summer months.

Mijas pays off lighting bill

Mijas Council has started to pay off the debt owed to local urbanisations in the municipality for public lighting and for public buildings situated on private urbanisations, something which, although budgeted, has rarely happened in the past.