Four Oscars for The King’s Speech

Last night it was the Oscars and, as widely expected, there were a few awards for The King’s Speech, four in total. Here is the full list of winners in the various categories:

Top Car Brands

I was a little surprised by some of the positionings in this list of Top Ten Car Brands, the list based upon volume of car sales.

To err or not to err

Email is still the major communication medium for businesses, so someone was bound to make a list of 18 Common Work E-mail Mistakes. And they did. However, as one commenter pointed out, if you make all of these mistakes then you probably shouldn’t have a job in the first place. Number 1 is a good tip, though.

PSOE election list

The PSOE has drawn up its list of candidates for the elections in May 2011, with 70% being the same as for the previous election.

Strum it again, Sam

An interesting list of ‘best’ guitar solos, particularly because each one contains notes and comments from the player in question…50 Greatest Guitar Solos…

It’s a no-no

If you are doing any sort of freelance work, and a lot of people do these days, here is an interesting little list of, basically, traps you can fall into if you are doing freelance web design….10 “no’s” for freelancers….Oops, probably fallen for half of them at some stage.