Two new cop cars

The Town Hall has purchased two more vehicles, Renault Meganes, for the Local Police at a cost of over €43,000.

Police union in Sevilla criticises new draft regulations

The union for the Local Police in Sevilla has criticised a new 135 page draft of new regulations relating to the image of police officers as ‘outrageous’, suggesting that more effort should be spent on organising the force.

Local Police officers under investigation

Two Local Police officers in Torrox are under investigation after, apparently, during their afternoon shift on May 1st, issuing sixteen parking fines to vehicles in Los Llanos, Venta Espinosa and calle Cáceres when they were supposed to be engaged in tasks relating to animals, street vendors and litter.

Union requests investigation into information leak

The Federation of Public Services of the UGT union has requested an investigation into the leaking of official documents relating to the Nerja Local Police, also requesting disciplinary or judicial action against any officers shown to be involved or responsible.

Local Police officer arrested

On Wednesday morning, Guardia Civil officers from Málaga arrived in town to arrest a member of the Nerja Local Police on charges of alleged drug trafficking, bribery, money laundering and collaboration with an organized crime gang. After being interviewed the officer was released.

New charge for providing police reports

In Málaga city, a total of 36,000 requests have been received during the past three years for official Local Police reports relating to motoring incidents, mostly for the purpose of insurance claims. A new tax means that such a service will attract a charge as from February 15th 2014.

Entire Local Police force calls in ‘sick’

Conflicts between municipal authorities and Local Police are commonplace and in Archidona this led to Councillors and Civil Protection officers having to direct traffic during the Three Kings procession after the entire police force reported ‘sick’.

Málaga Council studying gun controls for Local Police

The recent alleged fratricide in Torremolinos, where a Local Police officer shot and killed her sister and then committed suicide, has started a debate on the complex issue of gun ownership by employees who are or have been on leave for psychological reasons.