First official report on the Málaga Feria 2013

The hostelry industry may have regarded the Málaga Feria 2013 as one of the worst for many years, but the first official report on the economic impact of the event claims it was a great success, even better than Easter.

Málaga feria starts tonight

Málaga Feria starts tonight and continues until August 20th, nine days of almost non-stop celebrations.

Arrests at Málaga feria

The opening weekend of the Málaga feria and seven people have so far been injured, mostly with stab wounds, and eleven have been arrested for brawling at the Cortijo de Torres fairground. Last year, during the nine days of the feria, the National Police arrested 65 people (up from 43 in 2008) and the Local Police detained 64 people (down …

Mostly petty fights at Málaga feria

In general, Málaga feria, which attracts around six million visitors over nine days, has been proceeding normally as far as crime is concerned, although some 36 people were detained in the period from Friday to Wednesday.

Crackdown on fast food vendors at Málaga feria

The Málaga feria has attracted a number of fast food vendors, some offering an ‘anti-crisis’ menu of meat in a bun for €3, but this had led to complaints by local merchants and restaurants and, so far, fourteen of these itinerant operators have been shut down for alleged permit or hygeine violations.

Málaga feria begins tonight

Málaga feria begins tonight, with around six million visitors expected over the nine days of celebrations.

Two attempted sexual assaults at Málaga feria

Two youths, aged 15 years and 17 years, have been detained in Málaga on suspicion of robbery and the attempted sexual assault of a woman who was walking home, alone, from the feria.