Minimum wage frozen for 2014

The Government has announced that the minimum wage (SMI) will be frozen at €645.30 per month (€21.51 per day) for the year 2014.

Minimum wage to increase as from January 1st 2013

The Government is proposing to raise the minimum wage, frozen in 2012, from €641.40 to €645.30 per month, an increase of 0.6%, as from January 1st 2013. With VAT having risen anywhere between 3% and 17% and inflation at 2.9%, some are describing the increase as ‘out of place’.

Minimum wage frozen for 2012

The new government of Mariano Rajoy has decided to freeze the so-called minimum wage for 2012 at €641.40 per month, an unprecedented move in recent Spanish history.