Commemorative monolith for Pizarra

The Council in Pizarra used the occasion of the All Saints Day celebrations to announce that a monument commemorating the victims of the Civil War is to be placed in the cemetery once planned improvements and cleaning have taken place. The monolith is the work of malagueño artist José Seguiri.

Inauguration of new fountains and monument in Salares

The president of the Málaga Provincial Government, Salvador Pendón, accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Trade and Sport, Luciano Alonso, joined the Mayor of Salares, Ángel Fernández, and provincial Councillors Francisco Fernández España, Cristóbal Guerrero and Jesús Mora for the inauguration of two new fountains and a monument in the town.

Pension proposal for the discoverers of the caves

The PSOE is putting forward a motion at the next plenary session to award the discoverers of the Nerja Caves a pension of €300 per month as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations. This would require the agreement of all parties.