Council proposes to introduce a new municipal ordinance

Under the banner of promoting the conservation of the historic centre of Torrox as a tourist resort, the Council is proposing to introduce a new municipal ordinance with thirty articles under six broad headings.

New beach ordinance in Torrox Costa

Beachgoers in Torrox have apparently been expressing their objection to a new municipal ordinance which prohibits the leaving of umbrellas, chairs or towels to preserve a spot on the sand.

New municipal ordinance to combat noise pollution

Ronda Council has launched a new municipal ordinance to regulate coexistence and protect public spaces and one of the provisions contained therein will allow people aged between 14 years and 29 years the possibility to perform community service rather than pay fines.

Change to rules on horses in Álora

Álora Council has approved an amendment to municipal ordinances which, as from last year, banned residents from riding on horseback through urban areas. After discussions with those affected by the ban, it was decided that it was actually safer for all concerned for horses to be ridden rather than led by the reins.

Fines for being shirtless in Vélez-Málaga

A new draft municipal ordinance in Vélez-Málaga is aimed at the preservation of public spaces as a place of harmony and civility where all people can develop free leisure activities, meetings and recreation with full respect for the dignity and rights of others, and covers everything from walking shirtless in the streets to the purchase or sale of sexual favours.

Updated municipal ordinance in Fuengirola relating to pets

Fuengirola Council has updated its municipal ordinance relating to the keeping of pets, in particular dogs deemed to belong to ‘dangerous breeds’. The old ordinance dated back to 1991. Included under the new rules for dangerous dogs are such items as only walking one animal per person and the use of a rigid fastening no more than one metre in …

New municipal ordinance for street traders in Álora

Álora Council has approved a new municipal ordinance relating to street trading, both as regards fixed markets and trading on the public roads. The measure, in line with European standards, opens the door to the expansion of the weekly Monday market held in calle Carmona.