Dancing in the drizzle

A bit of drizzle wasn’t going to stop anyone having fun today and there was quite a crowd on the Balcón de Europa.

Nerja Feria 2011 – Monday

Early evening and the feria ground is relatively deserted as the action shifts to plaza Tutti Frutti, calle Antonio Millón and the junction with calle Chaparil for a couple of hours.

Feria is over for another year…

The last night of feria and the place was a seething mass of humanity. Scheduled to finish at 20:00 last night, it actually went on until midnight after an extension was granted due to earlier bad weather.

More feria pictures…

High winds weren’t going to stop anyone from donning their finery for feria….More Feria Pictures

Feria starts this evening…

The feria starts this evening and, naturally, rain is forecast for tomorrow and Friday. You only have to mention feria or Wimbledon and the heavens open up. I suppose it wouldn’t quite be the same without it!

Let there be light

109,113 lightbulbs are being used to light up Nerja Feria.

Nerja Feria poster competition

The Department of Fiestas, presided over by José Miguel García, has announced details of the poster competition for the Nerja Feria 2008.