Demonstration day

Today is the demonstration organised by the Nerja Green Party calling for the construction of a sewage plant in Nerja.

Nerja Green Party denounce election irregularities

The Nerja Green Party has denounced what it considers to be irregularities in Nerja relating to informing foreigners about their voting rights in the upcoming municipal elections in May 2011.

Green Party cleaning day

The Nerja Green Party is organising a trip on Sunday August 22nd to try and clean up some of the graffiti along the rio Chillar and are inviting everyone to participate in what they believe will be a pleasant day out helping the environment.

Holes, but still no trees

Since its fairly recent inception, the Nerja Green Party has been quite active documenting shortcomings within the municipality, presenting proposals for a more ecological future and denouncing various incidents and acts which they feel are detrimental to the community.