New lighting for Torrecilla beach

After being first announced in June, the Council has approved a project to improve street lighting at Torrecilla beach, particularly along the promenade.

New lighting for Torrecilla beach

The Council is going to improve the lighting at Torrecilla beach, replacing the existing 43 units for ones which are more aesthetically pleasing and use about half the energy of the current setup.

Energy saving project in Júzcar

Málaga Provincial Council is investing €251,840 to renew the public lighting in the mountain village of Júzcar, with energy saving light bulbs being installed.

New lighting for the Barriada de los Poetas

The Barriada de los Poetas area is to have new street lighting, more decorative and more energy efficient. The new lighing will be yellow and ‘warmer’. The works will cost €38,000 and are being financed under the FEESI scheme.

New lighting on Burriana beach

On Saturday, the new lighting system on Burriana beach will be used for the first time for the Beach Volleyball Championships which begin at 20:00.