Google versus Microsoft in Seattle

A trial involving Microsoft and Google’s Motorola unit has begun in the USA and could clear up a common topic of contention in recent patent battles. The firms dispute how much should be paid for a licence to use innovations necessary to be able to offer industry standard technologies, known as Frand-type patents.

Apple and HTC settle differences

Apple and HTC have settled all their outstanding disputes over patents, ending an estimated twenty cases around the world that began in March 2010. The two firms have signed a 10-year licence agreement that will extend to current and future patents held by one other, so maybe now they can concentrate on innovation rather than litigation.

Sony buys full control of Sony Ericsson

Sony has bought full control of mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson from Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson, agreeing to buy 50% of the firm for 1.1bn euros to make the mobile handset business a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony. The transaction also includes a patent deal, patents seemingly extremely important and a lucrative source of revenue these days as well as …

Another skirmish in the Patents War

In the latest round of the Patents War, a US judge has ruled that Samsung’s tablets infringe patents owned by Apple, but warned that Apple needs to prove the validity of those patents if it is to win an injunction preventing the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

Via now suing Apple

As I sit waiting for my latest patent to be approved: An action or device enabling movement from point A to point B, I note that Taiwanese chip maker Via is the latest to resort to the courts for alleged patent infringements.

Apple takes out injunction against Samsung

Apple has obtained a temporary injunction preventing Samsung Electronics from selling their Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the European Union, except for the Netherlands, after Apple argued the Korean firm had infringed its patents.