Dancing in the drizzle

A bit of drizzle wasn’t going to stop anyone having fun today and there was quite a crowd on the Balcón de Europa.

Feria 2015 candidates, photo exhibition

Thursday September 24th at the Sala Mecado in Plaza La Ermita is the inauguration of the exhibition of photos of the Feria 2015 ‘Caballero’ and ‘Reina’ hopefuls.

A nice batch of photos

This is an interesting collection of photos from all over the world, some quite natural and others obviously manipulated to varying degrees. Photos.

Milla de Navidad…

Saturday was the Milla de Navidad – Christmas Mile – with street races in various categories. Would have to say that the publicity for the event by the Council was somewhat lacking.

Out and About September 14th 2014…

There doesn’t seem to have been many weddings going on recently, but there was one today, and the happy couple were having their photos taken on the Balcón de Europa and on the way down to Calahonda beach.

Out and About September 11th 2014…

It started off very calm and quiet this morning, then the wind began to get stronger and the sea became choppy. A cloudless sky except over one mountain. Looked like it was clinging to the hilltop.

Out and About August 13th 2014…

I know opinions are divided on the subject of ‘street artists’, but it does seem a little strange to wander around all day and not see a single busker, juggler, living statue or other itinerant entertainer anywhere on the streets.