Spineless drifters

They may be spineless drifters, but in the best possible taste. Fascinating to watch if you are snorkelling, although not toooo close, and some of them really are beautiful 14 most Beautiful Jellyfish

Water away…

Thanks to Rory at the Donkey Sanctuary for these pictures of a waterbomber over Nerja.

Roadworks meet

The roadworks in calle Carmen have now reached the building works in Plaza Cavana. The first stretch, near Puerta del Mar, is being paved with small (10x10x10cm (ish)) blocks, a slow process. The businesses along this stretch, except for the bank, are all still closed. In the square behind the Balcon de Europa the work appears to be moving along …

Hive of activity

A veritable flock of workmen on the Balcon de Europa today as the renovations continue. According to a new sign that has appeared, the completion period is 132 days.

Another sprint…

Another lightning trip this morning, this time to Torrox Pueblo. Did have time to take a few pictures, though. Lovely morning for a stroll. Torrox Pueblo Pictures

Food for thought…or just looking at

Some amazing pictures of food, I suppose you’d call them sculptures in a way. Whatever they’re called, they’re great fun and very well done. >>Food Thingies<<