New plants on the archway

The archway on the Balcón de Europa is looking rather resplendent with the new blooms adorning the walls. The pigeons are having to find somewhere else to sit rather than in the plant pots.

Variety is apparently not the spice of life

The Parks and Gardens Department of the Council has been busy replanting the pots in calle Pintada to improve their appearance and homogenize all these boxes.

Balconies of Nerja

People all over the place love to adorn their balconies, not only with bicycles, washing, gas bottles and old shoes, but also with greenery. The results vary from the sublime, maybe one small pot, to something that rivals Conan Doyle’s ‘Lost World’ in its magnificence and out of which you half expect some long lost prehistoric gerbil to stick its …

New shrubs on the Balcón de Europa

In addition to all the other works on the Balcón de Europa, workmen were out today tending to the garden areas. Looks like a lot of new plants and shrubs are being planted.