Maintenance of play areas

In the coming weeks, Torrox Council is planning an overhaul of many of the play areas in the municipality, the previous maintenance work having been carried out in 2012.

Improvements to play areas

The Council is continuing to improve or repair the various play areas in the town, the latest to undergo a makeover being those in calle Antonio Ferrandis ‘Chanquete’ (next to the instituto El Chaparil) and in avenida de Pescia (near the Ambulatorio). The objective is to get all the play areas in the municipality up to a high standard.

Renewal of apparatus in children’s play areas

The Council has begun to replace some of the apparatus in the children’s play areas on Burriana beach and in Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos. This work is apparently not costing the Council any money as it is being carried out under the warranty issued by the company that originally installed the equipment.